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OSMC Dual-Boot Add-on

Here is an OSMC add-on that will launch RetroPie in my Dual-Boot RetroPie / OSMC build:


OSMC RetroPie Add-On (Dual-Boot) (1233 downloads)

The motivation behind this extra is to permit the utilization of any skin inside OSMC (even those that don’t bolster custom script alternate ways), so you don’t lose the ‘Dispatch RetroPie’ catch in the event that you roll out any improvements and so forth.

Another advantage is that the entire parcel exchanging procedure is presently contained completely inside this extra, so no

more random /ss/ or /noobs/ folders lying around! I will be using this add-on in all my future builds and have also uploaded it at the following location so you can load it in as you would a regular KODI addon:

(there are folders inside the above link for OpenELEC / OSMC, and then DualBoot / Triple Boot. Choose the path for your build and you will get to the .zip file you need to install)

*Please note this particular add-on will ONLY work in OSMC! I have other add-ons specifically for OpenELEC so if that is the OS you are using then please use those as this one will not work in OpenELEC.

All the best.


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