Here is a great video by Tech Timerruu talking about something worth while. In this video he talks about supporting the the founders of the Open Source program xbmc ( XBOX MEDIA CENTER or XBOX MEDIA PLAYER). These developers have been at it for over a decade after having develop the famous xbmc for the original XBOX. The original XBMC was aimed more towards people playing there download videos, music and pictures. To stream from either the internal xbox harddrive or your computer/network. As time progressed it allowed addons to stream movies and tv shows scrapped from actual sites. Although, they are against copy right streaming, they do support a bit of addons out there that stay on the right side of the Law. Since xbmc or now known as Kodi is open source, people have created addons and programs to stream all kinds of things.  Whether legal or offensive to some like adult addons. At the end of the day we can certainly say that if it is not y the XBMC foundation, none of this would be possible. Also, they have continued to show that they are continuing with their advancements in their development with already releasing a Beat Version of their new Kodi 17. We as a community have to thank and donate to them as we need this engine. We also need their engine updated with new skins, options, 4k support, faster and also supporting as many platforms as possible.  And also, keep in mind that what these guys have done is inspirational. If you look at all of the sony, and actual xboc media players, they do not even come close to their xbmc program. They could just sell there info to a big company or block it to not allow certain addons to work. Yet, they have not done this. They do this because it is a passion! So please when you consider donating to anyone out there. Please donate to not to those others out there selling iptv which you can get just about anywhere for free.

Please donate to keep kodi alive:

You can also buy their Raspberry pi case or even their shirts. So plenty of ways to keep improving XBMC!

The 3rd party addons are not the property of and
not supported by them.

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